Periodontology, is a dentistry branch that examines the tissues that surround teeth and the problems of it.

Among the reasons of gingival diseases are; the gingival tissue, maxillary bones thickness, calcium and mineral balance, the area of wrong bond of the gingiva and the plate and also inherited disorders.

Gingival diseases are generally due to the lack of the brushing habit of the patient and the lack of routine check ups.

Even the healthy teeth that has no cavities can be lost due to gingival diseases. This is why the health of the tissues that surround teeth (gingiva, bones) is as important as dental health.

If you have gingival bleeding and if it is swollen, if you feel you have a bad breath, this means you have gingival problems. Many people quit brushing their teeth after they face gingival bleeding. At this point  the gingival problems worsen. What has to be done is to keep on brushing and consult a dentist as soon as possible.

Within the context of periodontology; the treatment starts by cleaning the tartar and gingiva that is infected.

If the treatment is belated, the infection of the gangiva may get on to the bone and lead to bone loss. When the loss of the bone starts the teeth have no support and teeth will start to get loose and may even be lost.

In order to have healthy teeth and gangiva; routine brushing, the use of dental floss and the use of a proper mouthwash will be enough.

Visiting your dentist every six months will make it possible to fix problems before they get to big and will give you the chance to smile with your own teeth whole your life.