Pedodontia, meaning childrens pediatric dentistry; is a dentistry branch that aims to preserve milk teeth and temporary teeth health of children in the age group of 0-14 years, and also treat problems that may have occurred.

In our clinic, all practices from tooth extraction to dental prosthetis, from root canal operation to traumatic tooth fractions are done for children.

Besides treating the mouth and dental problems of children; many procedures are held in order to prevent possible problems.

Perfect dental health for children is obtained by routine appointments that are scheduled once every six months.

All problems that threaten mouth and dental health can be diagnosed at these appointments. The important fact here is the early diagnosis and treatment of the problems. Earlu diagnosis at children patients will effect the physical and mental health of the child in a positive way.

Planing an appointment for your child before your child faces any tooth aches will make this appointment pass untroubled and by this way you may prevent dental fear for the future.