Oral and Jaw Surgeries

Oral and Jaw Surgeries

Oral and Jaw Surgery is the field area of expertise that deals the disorder diagnosis and surgical treatment of the soft tissue (like; cheek, plate, tounge, lip) and solid tissue (teeth, bones) that are in the mouth cavity. Extraction of teeth is the most common procedure performed in oral surgeries. Clinically; usually the extraction of the teeth is decided when there are teeth that can’t be restored due to cavities.

In the field of oral and jaw surgeries, routine tooth extractions, impacted tooth extractions, apical resections and treatments of odontogenic maxillary sinusitis problems, temporomandibular joint problems, orthognathic surgeries, implant applications, jaw cysts, tumors in jaws, distraction osteogenesis treatments are done.

Within the jaw surgery diagnosis, the most accurate treatment procedure is performed with the x-ray film we get with the panoramic x-ray in our clinic.

By this, prior the performed operation, the final diagnosis is made and the treatment plan is achieved.

The surgical procedures conducted in oral, teeth and jaw disorders can be done under local anesthesia as well as general anesthesia.