Bleaching uses the absorbing capacity of teeth. The reason why the teeth get colored due to the consumption of nourishments like tea and coffee are due to the same reason. If the colored nourishments are not consumed carefully the teeth will get darker in a short period of time.

Just like it happens in adults, children start having plaques once they have their first teeth come out. In the beginning the teeth can be wiped by a cloth and teeth can be brushed without toothpaste, or toothpaste suitable for 0-2 year olds can be used.

Implant is not a treatment that gives pain and does not take a long time to finish. Thanks to the developing technology we are able to finish the implant and top of the implant in the same day in right circumstances.

Teeth should be brushed after every meal. The motion should be as brushing on teeth while it should be practiced in circular motions on the gums.

Routine dentist check-ups and tartar cleaning should be backed up with brushing of the teeth.

Tartar cleaning, will not harm the teeth when applied correctly, on the contrary it should be done every 6-8 months.

Today, composit fillings that give a chance to pick out the right tooth color takes the place of dark amalgam fillings.

Transparent plaques and porcelain (transparent) braces can be used in orthodontic treatments.

When the teeth aren’t brushed regularly and in the proper way, gingival bleeding can occur. For example periodontal diseases, systemic diseases, diabetes etc.

Genetic disorders effect dental health.

Not taking care of tartar cleaning may lead to periodontal diseases.